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Do I Have to Create an Account to Make a Purchase?


No. But registering and creating an account with us will help to speed up the shopping process. Creating an account helps ensure that you do not have to waste time providing us with details such as your delivery address and other details, both now and in the future, while you are making your selections and adding products to your shopping cart.

To create an account click the “Login” button above. In the “Sign In” box that appears click the Create new account link and then fill in the details.

If you begin shopping buy adding items to the shopping bag and do not have a registered account with us already, you will be asked to provide all of your details during the checkout process.

If you begin shopping by adding products to the shopping bag and already have a registered account with us, you will see an option to Sign in to use address book once you click on the “Checkout” button during the checkout process.


Are My Delivery Details Safe With You?


Yes. When you supply us with your delivery details they are not stored directly on this website but passed through to a secure server for storage. The only way to gain access to your delivery details is by logging into your account, at which time your delivery details and other account information is displayed on the screen. As long as you do not give out the email address and password you used to create your account with us, no one else will be able to access your details.

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